How to apply

Information for students


Step 1

Through the information provided on our website and through the individual universities/faculties homepages, you should first find a supervisor/research group which fits your scientific interests and studies program. Consider that both sides should profit from this internship, so you should have at least basic knowledge in the fields this group deals with. Choose the supervisor you would like to work with and also make a second choice in case a spot in the first group is not available.

Step 2

Think about the time frame of your internship. Pick two alternative time spans which you can suggest to the supervisor.

Step 3

Prepare your application documents:
  • CV
  • Grade transcript
  • Motivational letter

Step 4

Contact the coordinator of your own faculty/university (can be found on our website) to inquire about available scholarships and if you need help finding a matching host laboratory that suits your scientific interests. Together you will make contact with the prospective host laboratory.

Step 5

Send your documents to the coordinator of the faculty/university where you wish to apply and the GTS after consultation with the coordinator of your home institution. Make sure to include the time frame you wish to visit the university abroad and to state your motivations and goals for this internship.

Please note

  • Submission deadlines: Applications for internships in the months from March to August must be submitted by the 15th January. For the months September to February, applications must be submitted before the 15th July.
  • Scholarship distribution: Master and PhD students before their qualifying exams will be favored to receive scholarships, however there are spots reserved for senior year BSc students who consider pursuing a higher academic degree and preferably already have some research experience (e.g. from research projects).